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Reasons to Use Customized Window Films

There are various designs of window films, but manufacturers also allow their customers to order custom made films. The most common ones are dry-erase, translucent, opaque, temporary, or semi-permanent. You can install them at home or on commercial buildings. The client provides the specifications of the art that the graphic designers must use on the custom made window films. Here are the advantages of custom window film with graphics.

Decorative window films are cheaper than solar reflective films for they are for decoration purposes only. However, manufacturers have started making decorative films that have multiple purposes like resistance to glass shards' penetration, filtration of UV rays and more which makes these types of films the most expensive of them all.
When you need privacy, install frosted window films. Your valuable items are safe because those outside the room will not be able to see them through the windows. You will find the frosted window films on office, hospital, bathroom and bedroom windows mostly because people need privacy in these rooms.

Alternatively, use the shatterproof films for they are opaque if you do not want the translucent frost films. Shatterproof window films are strong enough to mitigate the impact of blasts or when intruders force their way into the house. The glass shatters will not fly about in the house and hurt you if the windows have films.
Solar reflective window film boosts the durability of the house hold items because they prevent UV rays from getting into the house. Uv rays cause the furniture, carpets, flooring, blinds and many more items to fade. The damages that UV rays cause to the items will make you spend more replacing them frequently. The window films save you from the costs of repairing and replacing the assets of your home frequently. Regular glass does not offer sufficient protection against UV rays. Visit the ST Graphics company for the best deals on window films.

Solar reflective window films reduce the chances of UV rays affecting the health of your family when they prevent these rays from getting into the house. Some of the skin infections that are caused by UV rays include skin cancer, sunburns, wrinkles, and aging. UV rays also cause eye injuries and fatigue. Curtains do not prevent the glare of the sun. The glare of the sun into your eyes will force you to turn on the light so that you can see clearly which is another expense on electricity bills because the lights will have to be on even during the day.
Window films are they are excellent insulators. A custom-made solar reflective window film regulates the temperature inside the building. Your home remains comfortably warm in winter because the warm air is prevented from leaving by the window film. You will not need to use the air conditioner frequently hence you will save on energy bills and the air conditioner will have an elongated lifespan if your windows have films. For more information, click on this link:

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